Why Famar?

With the pharmaceutical market set to intensify both in terms of competitiveness and complexity FAMAR has been preparing to accommodate our clients future needs. We have accumulated the resources and the know-how to cover an increasingly broad part of our clients’ value chain.

We have prepared for a turn to next generation outsourcing with a focus on multi-service solutions as opposed to pure manufacturing, packaging and testing. We anticipate a continuously increasing process and supply chain complexity. In addition, we expect a growing sophistication of products and hence also manufacturing practices which call for operational excellence on the one hand and a constant extension of technological capacity and know-how on the other. In short, FAMAR is prepared to assist our clients to hone the industry’s rising complexity.
A key feature of next generation models is a shift towards a more closely integrated and synergistic working relationship. In practice this means that choosing the right partner is now more critical than ever.

At FAMAR we have chosen to concentrate on pursuing a partnership approach with our clients by providing a one-stop-shop that offers strong support and added value throughout their value chains.